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Date (PDF bulletins)Topic/YouTubeVimeoAudio
January 3, 2015

Todd Leonard, "Grace, Grace, and More Grace”

January 10, 2015 Todd Leonard, "The Jesus Encounter: A Bit of a Letdown"   Audio

January 17, 2015

Todd Leonard - “The Jesus Encounter: He Saw You First”   Audio
January 24, 2015 Dorin Lataeanu, "The Jesus Encounter: The Call to Serve and to Fish!" Vimeo Audio
January 31, 2015 Arleene Chow, "The Jesus Encounter: They Were All Amazed" Vimeo Audio
February 7, 2015 Todd Leonard, "The Jesus Encounter: Will He Heal Me?" Vimeo Audio
February 14, 2015 Todd Leonard, "The Jesus Encounter: An Enlightenment" Vimeo Audio
February 21, 2015 Anthony Paschal, "Of Mud and Men" Vimeo Audio
February 28, 2015 Leif Lind, "Myths We Tell Ourselves About God: O Thou, Who Changest Not” Vimeo Audio
March 7, 2015 Rudy Torres, “Wisdom-Defying Power” Vimeo Audio
March 14, 2015 Arleene Chow, "Hopelessly Hopeful" Vimeo Audio
March 21, 2015 Todd Leonard, "Dad: A Story of Redemption" Vimeo Audio
March 28, 2015 Todd Leonard, "Defiant" Vimeo Audio
April 4, 2015 Todd Leonard, "Mary and Abigail" Vimeo Audio
April 11, 2015 Todd Leonard, "Jesus Lives On: The Story of the Early Church--One Heart and Soul" Vimeo Audio
April 18, 2015 Hovik Sarrafian, "Armenian Genocide" Vimeo Audio
April 25, 2015 Todd Leonard, "The Never-Ending Resurrection" Vimeo Audio
May 2, 2015 Leif Lind, “Resurrection Living” Vimeo Audio
May 9, 2015 Todd Leonard, “No Longer Surprised by the Spirit” Vimeo Audio
May 16, 2015 Todd Leonard, "On Mission" Vimeo Audio
May 23, 2015 Todd Leonard, "The Skeleton Crew" Vimeo Audio
May 30, 2015 Chris Blake, "More Than Jellyfish" Vimeo Audio

June 6, 2015

Velino Salazar, "Surprised by Extreme Mercy" Vimeo Audio
June 13, 2015 Arleene Chow, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" Vimeo Audio
June 20, 2015 Todd Leonard, "EPIC: The God of Isaac" Vimeo Audio
June 27, 2015 Todd Leonard, "EPIC: Moses, I See My People's Misery" Vimeo Audio
July 4, 2015 “Free to Believe — A Celebration of America” Vimeo Audio
July 11, 2015 Anthony Paschal, "The Church Without Walls" Vimeo Audio
July 18, 2015 John Nielsen, "Living the Good Life. Really!" Vimeo Audio
July 25, 2015 Todd Leonard, "EPIC: Joshua, the Jordan, and Jericho" Vimeo Audio
August 1, 2015 Todd Leonard, "EPIC: David, Goliath, and How Weakness Becomes Strength" Vimeo Audio
August 8, 2015 Todd Leonard, "EPIC: The Guardian-Redeemer"   Audio
August 15, 2015 (Campmeeting Sabbath) - Todd Leonard, "EPIC: The Two Dens of Lions"   Audio
August 22, 2015 Mike Tucker, "The Heart of the Father"   Audio
August 29, 2015

Anthony Paschal, "Blind Spots"

September 12, 2015 Dr. Charles Scriven, "Art for God's Sake" Vimeo Audio

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